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Bolivia goes to the polls tomorrow

In a couple of pretty classless moves to try and affect the vote tomorrow, foreign press are getting in on the Whack-An-Evo game. Firstly CNN, which tried its very hardest to lay out the non-existent terrorist trail between Bolivia and Iran. CNN also wheeled out the usual biased, uninformed bullshit about the narcotrafficking in Bolivia. His Evoness himself said that “everyone knows what CNN’s orientation is.”
Secondly, El Pais interviewed racist leader the Santa Cruz thugs, Branko Marinkovic. Not one difficult question about his UJC hit-squad or a mention of how they terrorize and beat up indigenous locals. Nothing about the attempted coup or how he’s refused to answer court orders to explain his role in last year’s insurrection. All El Pais threw to the shit were softballs, but even then he couldn’t help but show his non-democracy. At the end, Branko signs off with, “The government must understand that it can’t govern against the will of half the country.”

Now even if that “half the country” thing were true it would be a call to ignore a democratically elected administration, but this illusion of a country torn in half has long since been proven false. As seen in this post at the time of the recall referendum, the only place in the whole country with significant opposition majority is Santa Cruz, and then it’s not even the region but the city we’re talking about. It’s like supposing a political spat between New York and the USA means “A Country Torn in Half”.

But never, mind, because media can bleat all they like; tomorrow Evo wins by legal, decent, honest and truthful democratic one-person-one-vote means. So screw the racist scumbags and the lapdog media they ride in on.

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