Take physic, pomp

Bolivia is the subject of IKN’s first prediction for 2011

Your humble scribe stares deeply into his crystal ball, goes all misty eyed, proffers up an offering or two to the Gods and says:

“You won’t be hearing much about Bolivia’s fuel hikes and protests one week from now. It’s already blowing over, the “massive calls for Evo’s resignation” as seen on CNN, Fox and other dumbass sources of information on all things LatAm amounted to about 20,000 people (and 20,000 does not a resignation make), the transport strike has already been called off, there are no runs on banks as the rabid right tried to suggest, Evo will take a temporary hit in the polls but will get through this just fine. So sorry Stratfor, sorry Economist..no blood on the streets this time.”

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