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Bolivia: Just when you thought you’d seen it all…..

….something turns up to stop you in your tracks and make that whistling sound between your teeth that you make when you realize that you haven’t seen it all after all. In this case, the shocker is MIAMI HERALD GIVES FAIR COVERAGE TO BOLIVIA! Yes it’s true, check out this report that starts like this

Bolivia’s progressive economic model spurs growth

Bolivia saw some of the region’s strongest economic growth last year thanks to its socially progressive economic model that bucks traditional capitalism and the neoliberal policies that have ruled the nation for decades, Bolivian Minister of Economy and Public Finance Luis Alberto Arce said Tuesday.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Americas Conference in Coral Gables, Arce said the nation’s decision to nationalize oil production, electricity and other strategic sectors have helped insulate it from the global economic crisis.
The Andean nation saw GDP growth of 3.4 percent last year and had unemployment near 7.9 percent — both strong results in South America.
“There’s not one recipe for all countries and we decided to rethink our own economic model,” Arce said. “This is [policy] made by Bolivians for Bolivia.”
Since first taking office in 2006, Bolivian President Evo Morales has nationalized key industries and said he favors a system that shifts economic power away from the private sector to indigenous groups and social cooperatives.
Now, the country is running an economic surplus, is seeing the return of foreign direct investment and has helped reduce poverty CONTINUES HERE

But please, esteemed lector of IKN, do take time to check out the comments section in that report because it seems the morons that hang out at the MH are disgusted about having to read a few facts for a change.

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