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Bolivia news round up

Veep Alvaro García Linera, overjoyed at being interim President while Evo
visits Washington DC, breaks into a chorus of Nessun Dorma

This first one is one of the nicest things I’ve had the pleasure of writing all year. Hard line right winger Pablo Klinsky, president of the Santa Cruz Parliamentary Brigade and member of the team that tried to overthrow Morales this year admitted that the coalition, CONALDE, had lost to the government. He said that CONALDE had not simply been weakened but had been “catastrophically defeated.” Music to my ears!

Meanwhile, Evo is in Washington DC and has been on top form, according to all sources. Here’s a snippet of Evoness from today’s proceedings.

“When I was leader of the Coca producers in Cochabamba they called me a nacrotrafficker and a coca mafia (boss). Now that I’m President they call me animal, monkey, simian and that I’m incapable, an assassin, a dictator and authoritarian. If I were authoritarian I would never have allowed a recall election. For the first time since 1950 a President won more than 50% of the vote (in the 2005 presidential election). They then asked this party that won more than 50% for a recall election. They wanted to revoke me. If I were authoritarian I would have said “I have won with 54% and therefore I will not put myself up for referendum.” But I submitted to the referendum and the people ratified me with 67%”.

Anyway, Evo can’t have explained his drug-runner’s ambitions very well to his police force before leaving on his US jaunt, because the Bolivian anti-drug force (FELCC) arrested nine people last night who were armed with shotguns and attempting to smuggle 102kg of cocaine. But remember, Bolivia is the narco-boss’s dream state. That’s cos Dubya told you. When has he ever lied to you?

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