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Bolivia Quiz for New Irish Viewers!

Welcome friends from across the sea in the land of Guinness, green things and small people at ends of rainbows! We’re so glad that you’ve finally realized there’s a whole continent somewhere South of uncle’s house in Boston MA, even more pleased that you’ve realized it’s made up of different subsections called “countries”, too. It’s slightly sad that it took the sudden death of an idiot countryman of yours to get you this far, but every cloud, eh…?

So to help you out with your ongoing education about all things Bolivia here we go with our gentle multiple choice quiz entitled:

*****ALL ABOUT EVO*****
All you need to do is study the question and click on the answer you think is correct. And don’t worry if you get one wrong as it won’t make your interweb machine blow up in front of you. I’ll be wishing the best of Irish Blarney luck to you, so I will. Here we go!!!

A) Acting out a personal fantasy about being an international man of mystery in Bolivia is:
1) Stupid and dangerous
2) Perfectly normal
3) What’s Bolivia again?


B) Foreign nationals working under assumed names for Santa Cruz fascist scum are:
1) Perfectly normal, actually. Happens all the time
2) Slightly suspicious, perhaps
3) Good enough reason from them to be under surveillance, so it is

C) Foreign nationals ____________ carry firearms in Bolivia.
1) strictly, stopSTOPstop, mega no-no, cannot under any circumstances
2) always
3) might as well as long as nobody is looking

D) Plotting to kill the President of Bolivia is:
1) kind of frowned upon
2) normal behaviour for a “bit o dis bit o dat” Irish dude
3) likely to be the last thing you ever do if you’re living in Bolivia
E) Irish journalists that pass themselves off as experts about a country they couldn’t even find on a map one week ago are:
1) laughable
2) par for the course
3) what’s Bolivia again?
F) According to the Princeton University online dictionary, the definition of the word “denial” is:
1) A river in Egypt
2) A psychiatric defence mechanism that causes illogical rejection of painful thoughts
3) The refusal to recognize that people who don’t look like us are normal

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