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Bolivia: This’ll confuse ’em

Bolivia, that little country that booted out the US DEA people last year, has just made its (and I quote) “biggest drug bust in a decade”.

All on their little lonesome ownsome, without the help of safety nets or “help” from up North, Bolivia’s Special Force in the Fight Against Narcotrafficking (Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Narcotráfico (FELCN)) intercepted a plane flying between the eastern Santa Cruz part of Bolivia last week and arrested the two on board. The two arrestees then took police to home base, which turns out to be a 1,000 hectare cocaine mega-processing area that is capable of making 100kg of cocaine per day.

So the FELCN, the same guys that intercepted a record 27 metric tonnes (MT) of drugs in Bolivia last year (which compares well to the 100MT estimated country production; consider Peru confiscated 29MT from an estimated 290MT of production) has just taken a potential of 36MT per year off the market and has clearly dealt a major blow the the scum that profit from the cocaine trade.

Strange how these people suddenly get put out of business after the DEA leaves, isn’t it? Beats me how the world’s premier drugs squad with all that technology and manpower and funding and stuff could miss a 1,000 hectare (UPDATE CORRECTION, that should read ACRES) cocaine factory all this time, then the small brown people are put in charge and the biggest freakin’ bust in a decade happens.


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