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Bolivia’s racism

Bolivia’s new anti racism law is now in force and to back up its message the government put together a spot to explain what it does (and what it doesn’t do). Contrary to the northern handwringing that went on about the issue, it doesn’t reduce freedom of expression or human rights or anything of the sort. What it does is stop hate-filled insulting racism from filling the airwaves in Bolivia.
Here’s the advert in question so you can judge for yourself. It’s in Spanish (natch) but below I’ve translated the examples used in the spot of the typical type of tripe spewed (and these aren’t some sort of exception, either…this stuff is heard all the time).

It’s a little tough to accurately translate such filth, but the sentiment is accurate in each translation:.

Arturo Mendivil: “…against these Goddam Colla* sons of bitches..”

*‘Colla’ is an insulting slang word used by Bolivian whites against indigenous nationals

Jorge Melgar: “…I hate that Goddam race..”

Carlos Valverde: “Officially, I wipe my balls on this law.”

Arturo Mendivil: “The Colla badly born and tied to stone llamas” (believe me, there’s a lot of cultural baggage in that one and it’s really sickeningly racist)

But then it gets better. The abovementioned moron Jorge Melgar is now trying to penalize the government of Bolivia as racist! He wants to take them to court for using his words in their advert and says that he’s the one being discriminated against….I shit thee not, dear reader. Here’s the Red Erbol report:

La Paz, 14 Dec (Erbol): Professor Jorge Melgar Quette, who used to state that “we have to kill that Indian shit” in reference to President Evo Morales, announced that he will file suit against the government for racism and discrimination for using his image in a video for a TV announcement regarding the new “Law against racism and all forms of discrimination.” Continues here

So, wanting to kill a president because he’s a brown skinned person is an example of free speech, but using the words against you when pointing at incitement and the use of bigoted language is a criminal act. These are the people that ran Bolivia before Evo arrived in town. These are the people that The US backed via its ambassador Goldberg in the 2008 attempt on Evo’s government. And you wonder why the US isn’t popular round Bolivia way any longer….

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