And thereby hangs a tale

Boris Johnson reads the London Evening Standard

Words of whizz dumb from Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary (fercryinoutloud!) and leader of the Brexit campaign:
The London Evening Standard must be his preferred briefing material for foreign affairs.
But there is a serious point here, it’s not just snark; If you’re an average woman or man on the street going about your daily life and likely smart about other fields, you’re allowed to make mistakes on subjects which are in your peripherals.  You need to look up ‘Ecuador’ to make sure there’s no Q there? Mauritania is on which continent again? Are you sure Argentina’s finance minister’s name is Prat-Gay, you’re not having a joke with me now are you? But these people are not Josephine/Joe Ordinary, they position themselves as experts and pretend to be The UK’s thought leaders and opinion-makers on the world. And can’t even spell the names of countries correctly. 
And they told you Brexit is a good thing.
And you believed them.

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