Win us with honest trifles

Brandon MacDonald, CEO and gaslighter

Hey Brandon, you should be in jail for the stunts you’ve been pulling. If your company is failing people will notice, and not just people who keep their opinions to themselves; people like me, who can explain to others why you are failing, also notice. And when they do, you, Brandon MacDonald, have decided use accusations of mental illness against them.

This sick practice has a name, it’s called Gaslighting, in which the perp (e.g. Brandon) instills doubt about the mental health of their critic, thereby making him or her the object of scorn and mockery. This gaslighting technique you so enjoy also causes enormous emotional damage to individuals and has been known to drive vulnerable people to suicide. But you don’t care, you as CEO of a public company just pile on the misery and psychological attacks and get your pals to join in, such as your friend Bradley Parkes, who took up the relay this week. Brad, as you know, is not a medical doctor. He’s a geologist, but somehow he seems willing to give out medical advice to people he doesn’t know:

So, Brandon, your friend Brad wants me to “keep taking my meds”. He sees signs. He’s worried about the strain on my family due to my mental state. And which meds are these that I am taking, I wonder? Can you help us explain, or maybe it’s time for that full and public apology, Brandon. And tell Brad to back off, before he’s arrested and thrown in jail first.


    Expose Tarachi (run by Vizsla CEO) and Silver Viper. They are withholding and denying the fact that they are in the middle of the worst area of drug turf wars, trafficking route and cartel violence and mine robberies.


    My gosh, you are such a drama queen…


      Seriously, that all you got? C’mon, I get “wife beater”, “child molester” and “clinically insane”, and share it with you for education. Does your lame mind honestly think anyone cares about your personal obsession with queens, duckie?


    Are you actually playing victim? You can’t be serious.


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