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Brazil: Top quality new blog on Brazil economics to recommend

Headsup people, Vitoria Saddi has a blog!

The blog’s name is “Latin America and Brazil On Economics and Politics” and is good news for people like me that don’t know enough about her specialist subject and want to know more. As mentioned previously, one of the standard mail questions I get is “why not more about Brazil, Otto?”, but now I can refer them over to a true expert. Vitoria is blogging in English with some Portuguese articles as well, but if you don’t know who Saddi is as yet here’s the biography (prepare to be impressed).

Vitoria Saddi was senior Latin American economist at RGE monitor. Previously, she was chief economist at Queluz Asset Management and Latin American economist at Salomon Brothers in Sao Paulo. Ms. Saddi was a lecturer at the University of California at Long Beach and Ibmec Business School. She received the BNDES award for the best master dissertation in Economics in Brazil. At the University of Southern California she received the award for outstanding teaching assistant and at Ibmec the award for excellence in teaching. She holds a master in Economics from FGV-SP and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.
And those, esteemed lector of IKN, are top credentials. I can also confirm that Saddi plays a seriously good game of chess.
So there’s today’s new blog recommendation and the savvier among you will do what I’ve just done and put it on your RS feed forthwith…or maybe even fifthwith. If not, you can always access her blog on the link you’ll find from today over there on the right. Here’s the link to her blog again, so you have no excuse.

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