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Brazil’s Presidential Election: Latest Poll

Out today is the latest polling for the big regional election at the end of this year and Dilma is apparently kicking José’s butt. Here’s the chart:

Here’s the source if you want more info (like for example how Dilma beats José 49% to 37% in a 2nd round runoff). But the main takeaway is that Lula’s dauphine is making this job her own right now.

UPDATE: Wise words from our Brazilian pal drunkeynsian left in the comments section:

Otto, the poll you mentioned was conducted only in the Ceará state, which has a little more than 4% of Brazilian voters. As you probably know, Ceará is in the Northeast, where Lula’s candidate is expected to win by a large margin. Nationwide the race is tighter.

True, but* it’s still a significant poll that affirms Dilma’s momentum. She’s still kickin’ his butt.

*dontcha hate it when you see those two words together on a blerg?

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