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Breaking Batero Gold (BAT.v) news! Canaccord and The Dollar Vigilante issue joint statement of apology

In an incredible turn of events that may mark a new era of transparency and accountability in the otherwise murky, self-serving and scandal ridden world of junior mining company promotion from interested brokerage parties and paid promoters, today Canaccord Adams issued a joint statement with The Dollar Vigilante regarding the recent events in Batero Gold (BAT.v) and subsequent statements from the two houses in question. The press release confirmed that…..
Nah, not really. I’m just messin’ with yaz 🙂

Anyway, further reading on the subject in this IKN post, dated March 14th. My how time flies, is it just a month since BAT.v was hot topic of conversation? Strange how it’s all gone quiet, innit?

UPDATE: Sheer coincidence but an interesting oddity today. Via a headsup from kind twitterer Damon, check out how the Batero pinksheet listing, BELDF.pk, is trading today.

That spike down to eleven cents (O RLY? yeah really) a few minutes ago was on just 1k shares traded and the main Canadian listing is trading at 68c right now.  But just shows that if someone really really wants out of something they’ll get out at any price. (quick addendum few minutes later: back up to 70c on another 1k trade now, it didn’t last lone).

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