More matter with less art

Breaking News: Sellside mining analysts shock the world by daring to state…

…that mining stocks will have a good year in 2015. Kitco with all the details in its current site-leading top story exclusive, right here. And in other news:
  • The US Automotive Retail Chamber of Commerce today said that it’s a smart idea to buy a new car in 2015.
  • The potato marketing board of Idaho today stated that potatoes are delicious, nutritious and you should eat more potatoes.
  • Scientifically based findings in a groundbreaking medical report sponsored by the World Chocolate Council show overwhelming evidence that eating chocolate is good for you, helps weight control and stimulates a higher sex drive as well as imparting more pheromonal scent into the air arround you that will immediately attract the more beautiful and otherwise unattainable members of the opposite sex.
  • The Tree Frog Society of Madagascar predicts a threefold growth in the popularity of tree frogs in 2015.
  • The Campaign To Prove That The Pope Is Catholic today released susbstantial evidence to support the case that the Pope is indeed Catholic.
  • The Fur Coat Club of Canada today released experimental results using cutting-edge brainwave reading technology that proves beyond reasonable doubt that small furry animals enjoy being trapped and killed in large metal trapping devices and that people should take this evidence into account when shopping for their next warm and luxurious winter coat.

We could continue. Go fuck yourselves, mining anal ysts.

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