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BREAKING (with updates) Bolivia: Evo Morales nationalizes electricity supply, expropriates Spanish company

What with May 1st and his history of announcing things on this date, I wondered if he might do something like this today and lo’n’behold, he has. President Evo Morales of Bolivia has ordered the expropriation of the Bolivian assets Spain’s “Red Eléctrica Española” company. Updates may follow if I can be bothered.

UPDATE: Here’s a translation of this EFE report:

La Paz (1 May (EFE): The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, decided today on the expropriation of the shares of Red Eléctrica Española (REE) in its Bolivian energy transportation subsidiary and ordered the armed forces to take custody of the company’s installations.

“Today and once again, as rightful homage to the workers and people of Bolivia who have fought for the recovery of our natural resources and basic services, we nationalize the transporter of electricity”, said Morales in a speech commemorating the Day of the Worker (May 1st) at the Presidential Palace in La Paz.

UPDATE 2: “So how big is this nationalization/expropriation, Otto?”, I hear you asking. Well folks, it’s a pretty big one cos the REE infrastructure apparently carries 85% of all Bolivia’s electricity supply, as long as Bolivian official numbers can be trusted (sidebar: On a stats level Bolivia is normally a reliable beancounter nation). So now you know…pretty big and bound to piss off the Spanish.

UPDATE 3: Spain’s newspaper of record, El Pais, is on the case. Here’s the link for those versed in the tongue of Cervantes as they’re bound to do a good job on this story, update the event and cover all ramifications. The other good news is that now the real press is on the story IKN can relax and go back to posting the normal pissant unimportant stuff it prefers. ¡Que tengas un buen dia!

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