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Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v) ends its period of transition

On the day Norm Pitcher became CEO of Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v), January 15th 2019, the company chair welcomed him in the following way:

“On behalf of the Board and management of the Company, we welcome Norman to Mirasol. We are confident that his experience as a seasoned and successful international mining executive will hasten Mirasol’s further success as it enters its next stage of development.

Today we get this:

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Mr. Pitcher for his leadership. He successfully guided the Company through a period of transition, which has secured Mirasol’s position as a leading project generator and explorer in Chile and Argentina”

Is it just me, or was there a singular lack of talk about transition periods when Mr. Pitcher joined Brent Cook Resources? And hey, I remember that day because Nano stepping down was a Big Thing; Steve Nano is the main reason Brent Cook had pumped Brent Cook Resources for all those years to all and sundry on every media channel he could get his face on, so when Nano left I thought he’d cut his losses. But no! Instead he endorsed the new team, which has turned out this way:

So anyway, the CEO’s job is up for grabs at Brent Cook Resources. I wonder if there are any underemployed geologists available to fill the role? I can’t think of a single name…

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    Did wonders for MRZ price. Today, anyway.


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