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The big LatAm company story is Vale (VALE) who missed on earnings, with revenues of $1.36Bn to an analyst expected $1.66Bn. Here’s the bloomie report that sums up the most interesting numbers and the necessary reactions (you’ll note from the report that VALE is slightly up in European tradign this morning…bull is as bull does, y’know).

Meanwhile, for once I feel like dipping in my toe to the bigger paddling pool that you guys splash around in up there. It’s more fun to watch the spin you get, cos it’s on a whole other level to the stuff we get. It’s like comparing Monty Python to people falling over.

I liked the starting line to this note in the Austraian Daily Reckoning: “Happy days are here again. It’s like someone turned back the clock to 2007. You’re a crank and a nutjob if you think there are serious problems in the financial system”. Yep.

That Daily Reckoning article sure makes juxtaposition to this one from AP yesterday. “Stocks jump as fears ebb about bank stress tests’ is a neat chronicle of how the US bank-Feddy people pulled a cute number on the market by drip leaking the necessary info with perfect timing and planning. It really was a masterful use of financial media yesterday.

Also, note how businesses have managed to bring great relief with their “smaller sales declines in April”. Phew! For a minute there I thought they’d sold less!

Finally, for traders getting carried away by the rush of market love, Lucas has a very interesting post that might help you home in on a method of playing the bull. Logically he’s found an interesting way of screening for stock trading opportunities and his comments are smart, too….well, that’s expected from the dude. Go have a look, traderypeople.

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