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Buy Dynasty Metals (DMM.to)


1) It’s a gold miner that, if given the necessary permits, would be up and producing in just one quarter.

2) It’s extremely cheap. Do the easiest of DD and note its share price at present ($1.21), shares out, targeted gold production and cash cost schedule (and add a little bit to that number to account for the changes in supply costs, but they’re coming down, too). Find out for yourself how cheap it is. If you want me to run the numbers for you, drop me a line.

3) Note the good management team, and key people from Ecuador political circles on board, too. Also CEO Washer knows Ecuador backwards and has kept the faith all this time.

4) Note how Mining minister Palacios defended the new mining bill being debated by the Congresillo last week. Palacios used very strong arguments all round and left a good impression about how the new mining law goes hand in hand with the new constitution.

But finally, note this report of Correa’s words yesterday. Speaking to thousands of students at a rally, he said:

“Mining in a country like Ecuador is a great opportunity to generate jobs and wealth that will allow us to get out of underdeveloped (status).”

DMM.to is now a total no-brainer. CTQ is also cheap, but DMM.to offers exposure to gold…and that’s the metal to buy into right now. So no more playing coy about this stock. DMM.to is stupidly, amazingly cheap and has discounted a political risk that is disappearing fast. Buy it now. DYODD. Otto hath spoked. Otto will be buying, too. Screw it, it’s time to make a stand on this stock…imho it’s a double at the very least (and you can quote me on that or throw it back in my face in 6 months’ time). I repeat, DYODD, dude.

P.S. Note that smart gold market watchers like Claude Cormier love this stock too. If it’s good enough for Claude, it’s good enough for me.

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