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President Hat just fired his lefty Prime Minister. That’s the end of the Commie threat narrative, from here on President Hat is the lamest of lame ducks and Peru will get back to the rampant capitalism that its owners prefer.


    Mirtha Vasquez replaces him, is rampant capitalism on hold?


    I guess that means Regulus as well? Haha.


    Haha. Didn’t anyone tell you its all gambling. And didn’t you say “Buy Peru”. Oh, so you didn’t mean ALL Peru. What part of Peru should be bought? C’mon lets get specific if you are going to throw out a general statement and then go, oh, I didn’t mean Regulus or I didn’t mean Chakana or I didn’t mean blah, blah, blah.


    […] by this desk on Wednesday October 6th, on hearing that Guido Bellido had been fired as Prime Minister. Here’s the iShares MSCI Peru […]


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