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By fair means or foul: Keiko Fujimori makes her move to steal the election

It was inevitable. Tonight, Keiko Fujimori and her Fuerza Popular party, losers of the Presidential election to Pedro Castillo by a slim 50.2% to 49.8% margin, has made legal objection to 802 of the voter act results (the result of each separate voter table at each voting station across the country), claiming fraud. This despite all international observers of the election declaring them free and fair and only 1 (one) of the over 86,000 voter acts being subject to legal investigation. This may seem like a political move at first and easily dismissed, however and in theory a least, it is not. Keiko Fujimori has chosen to lodge a specific legal complaint against one of the electoral bodies, which means only the governing body of the elections, Peru’s “Jurado Nacional” (JNE) is allowed to see the cases and the JNE is simply unable to cope with so many at once. For example, the 2016 election saw 19 legal objections made which took the JNE around ten days to resolve. If required to examine carefully every case (as Keiko demanded in her presser tonight), the JNE would need months to answer every appeal. With support for this move coming from Mario Vargas Llosa tonight, the gambit to overturn the election has begun.

People expecting a smooth transition in Peru need to think again, because the true anti-democrat violent thugs didn’t win the election, they lost it. Be careful what you wish for.

UPDATE: A brief update to this post Thursday morning after receiving a couple of mails from people who continue to miss the major point. Stated clearly and simply, the Peru 2021 election is nobody’s idea of a “good guys vs bad guys” scenario. This desk, along with around two thirds of the population of Peru, looks at one Presidential candidate and says “No! Do not want!” then the other, and says “No! Do not want!” Both are bad news but the country, via an electoral system broken into a thousand pieces years ago, was forced to choose one or the other and, by a slender 0.4% (0.2% swing), chose that one. Merely opposing Keiko’s latest Machiavellian move only makes this desk a Communist sympathizer in the eyes of the true, undiluted moron.


    “People expecting a smooth transition in Peru need to think again, because the true anti-democrat violent thugs didn’t win the election, they lost it.”

    I know nothing about the Peruvian election, but I know more about you then you may know yourself.

    You are a chronic narcissist, like a plane in a tail spin, spiralling ever more out of control. Happy Landings.


    So, Fujimori vs. Castillo, go ahead and pick a lesser evil, who do you pick?


    By your post about the Peruvian elections it is obvious that you are an ignorant abut Politics in Peru. I would say , to hide your ignorance, better stick to mining. You DONT KNOW the evil Comi that Velasco Alvarado was. Someone supporting a pro-Velasco government should be hanged by the genitals and dragged until right before he/she dies, so they can understand the pain that is to get all your life savings,investments confiscated/Nationalized/stolen by government decree.


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