Every why hath a wherefore

By nastily and unfairly and horribly picking on one just one bullshit airbag zero-chance junior exploreco IKN offers insight into many others

The object of our affection and love is Rokmaster (RKR.v) though to be (un)fair, the company brings it on itself by publishing a NR of this type today:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Dec 18, 2014) – Rokmaster Resources Corp. (TSX VENTURE:RKR)(RKR.V) (“Rokmaster” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its exploration team has made significant progress in narrowing its search for a silver-gold property having near term production potential. Our recent exploration initiative has culminated with the detailed evaluation and identification of three contending high quality properties. Two have near term silver-gold production potential with exploration upside and the third property is currently in small scale production. All three properties are available for acquisition and well located with existing infrastructure in stable jurisdictions in the Americas.

What The Fuck Was That? I mean, even if this identifier of top class rockery has managed to see something that nobody else has ever seen, it has 46.75m shares out that are worth 1.5c each (mkt cap 700k), as at 3q14 it had $25k (not M, that’s a K) in the bank and a working cap deficit of over $1.1m so how is it going to get a hold of one of these “high quality properties” without diluting out shareholders to the end of the planet Zog? Are you seriously expecting us to want in on a failed company because it’s teasing us about the potential of the next thing it’s seen?  As noted just the other day
These companies may or may not deserve to die and frankly I don’t care. I don’t care whether AM Gold or Rokmaster’s in the right over Pinaya . I don’t care whether RKR has identified the next Yanacocha. I don’t care whether its board of directors happen to be jolly fine folk and never miss the opportunity to help old ladies across the street. Indeed RKR and its ilk (and there are hundreds) may not deserve to die, but they need to die. And the sooner the better. Pack your bags, it’s going away time. Rokmaster, fuck off.

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