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C3 Metals (CCCM.v) has the NR of the day

“If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we

have at least to consider the possibility that

we have a small aquatic bird of the

family anatidae on our hands.”

Douglas Adams

Ah, wonderful stuff:

C3 Metals Discovers High Grade Copper – Silver at Arthurs Seat, Jamaica

The good news is with this NR, there’s now no further doubt about the target audience for this Pickmann/Kimberly Ann/Maher scam, they’re pitching directly at the dumbest investors out there. Sooooo, after holding the Bella’s Gate/Arthur’s Seat project in the company since 2015 (under its previous name, Carube Copper) and drilling it in 2017 (0.5% CuEq over 74m), then giving up on the project and looking around Latin America for something else to develop, then getting into bed with Pickmann/Kimberly Ann/Maher and their hyped up alpaca pasture in Peru, then getting nowhere and seeing the share price sink without trace….they’ve finally discovered copper and silver at Arthur’s Seat!

“Oooooh, hey look everybody! Look what we’ve just seen! I hadn’t noticed that before! Hey guys, quick! we’d better tell the market!

Isn’t it lucky how, after seven years of holding onto the property, they finally discover some interesting rocks just a few weeks after Jasperoide’s hype falls apart? Mere days before the next large tranche of Hochschild shares is about to come out of escrow, too.

Allow your humble scribe to be as clear as possible: If you fall for this, you need to give up the mining sector and speculation on juniors immediately and find a better place to put your money. You are chum, they are sharks, do not feed the animals.


    I suggest everybody should google the name of their VP of Exploration and “jungle fever.” The result won’t be what you’re thinking but in some ways it is worse.


      The same Stephen Hughes?


      Yes, the same Stephen Hughes pal. If you are trying to imply I am a criminal, put your pen to paper, better yet, call me so I can give you a proper serve. 647-517-4574. Happy to chat in person. My career in mining and exploration is distinguished and I won’t have you or anyone else stain it with lies or insinuations.


        Not implying anything of the sort. Only that you’re working at a scam. You may not have realized.

        And why do you assume I am your friend?


          There is no scam here pal, we are a legitimate junior copper exploration company in Peru and Jamaica. We have multiple high potential copper and gold assets that have barely been scratched with modern exploration or boots on the ground. We are a group of highly experienced professionals, we don’t play games when it comes to mineral exploration, pal


            HOC seems to disagree. Seen the price action?

            And there you go again, assuming I’m your friend.

    Mark, I know you are just a keyboard, but I have had my fill. Firstly, Arthurs Seat has never been looked at by C3 nor Carube, not one day was spent traversing that area. It is a new discovery for the company, first time on the ground. I challenge you in an open forum, anywhere anytime, face me on a panel in any country and try to spout your lies then. Call me 647-517-4574, email me shughes@c3metals.com, show some balls pal.
    IKN = I know Nothing


      I am not the reason the CCCM price chart looks the way it does. You need to talk to the people dumping endless paper on retail so take it up with Maher, Pickmann and Kimberley-Ann. And for what it’s worth, I’m used to scam stocks taking a dislike to me and vomiting empty threats of legal this and that. I’m not difficult to find, so unless this is just another episode of another blowhard from another paper manufacturer getting bitter and twisted over having some light shone upon them, do something about it. Until then rant and bloviate wherever you want, 15 years of listening to you people is more than enough to become immune to the blah blah.


    Wow, I see, you have some serious issues. I wish you the best


      That all you got left? Look, I’ll even make your threats of legal action easy to move forward. Ask your director Pickmann, he knows EXACTLY where I live, phone, mail, street name/number and all the details. Unless you were just being an all mouth/no trousers blowhard, Stephen Hughes.


    –No, she purchased the shares of her own volition.


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