Win us with honest trifles

Cabral Gold (CBR.v): Dennis Moore, selling all the time

What percentage rake is Gwen Preston getting for this scam?

Canadian mining: Vomit-inducing scumbags perform criminal acts of fraud in front of your very eyes while the people applaud. Sorreh.


    You have never met me, know nothing about me, but have slandered me three times, Mr. Scumbucket.

    I sold 100,000 CBR shares to cover exercising warrants a while back, but other than that NADA. Get your facts straight, Mr Everybody-knows-I’m a-Dickhead. I currently own over 6M CBR shares.


      And everybody in the industry knows your reputation, Dennis. Everyone outside of the dumb retail you have ripped off all your career, that is. Let’s go into more facts, not just your outstanding track record of superbly timed insider sales. You’re a joke, even your “retirement” is a tissue of lies, one week after you’re ringing round the Rolodex, trying to secure a property in Nevada. Give us all a break with the honest broker image, Dennis I Want Moore, your reputation precedes this post by years. Now scuttle away, like all the other cockroaches in this industry.


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