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Calling All Geologists, Miners, Mining Companies, Executives etc

OK folks, it’s time for you rockpeople to show some solidarity and help the next generation of geologists. Today I received a mail from Mickey Fulp asking whether I could paste up the following mail. He received it from Josephine Lougee, an 8th grade student in the US who is getting very interested in all things geology thanks to her ongoing school project.

She comes across as a smart cookie and clearly has initiative as she’s been asking round the geology world for help for while (without much feedback or success so far, it has to be said). I got in touch with her to ask permission to publish her full name, address etc on a public blog, and she and her parents agreed. I’ll also add that she was very polite and obviously interested in the subject.

So can you help her, miningworld people? Please read the letter underneath and see if you can chip in (geddit?) with a rock sample or two for her collection. Help the next generation of geologists get off the ground and spread a little happiness while you’re about it. Don’t wait for the other guy to do it either, show yourself as the good guy right now, pre-PDAC. Consider it an offering to the metals gods and they will shine upon thee in the first week of March.

Thanks in advance for helping on this. Otto


My name is Josephine Lougee and I am an 8th grade student at DuBois Area Middle School. I am in a class called Earth Space Science and we are doing research on rocks and minerals. I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to send me information on your company, and maybe if possible samples. Our class is taking all of the samples that we get and putting them out on display for the whole entire school to see, so if you do decide to send something i could send you a picture of the display.

Here is my information if you decide to send information or samples:

Josephine Lougee

316 Pine Hills Road

Reynoldsville, PA 15851

josephine_721 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

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