Take physic, pomp

Can somebody buy Tommy Humphreys a dictionary, please?

And while you’re at it buy him a slot on one of those improve your memory courses, as Tommy’s is looking a little too selective for its own good. According to the way-too-thin-skinned-to-make-it-in-this town Tommy Humphreys:

Which came with that link to this chat entry:

So first up let’s correct his poor use of the English language. If something written about you is true it’s not slander. If something written about you is false, it’s not slander. That one’s called libel, Tommy. Ask your business pal Serafino and his lawyers about that, as he’s already failed miserably to sue IKN using the same word as excuse. Second up, note the cute way in which the ass-licking sycophant and self-appointed ego-masseuse to Canada’s mining management eggworld chooses his frame of reference very carefully. Not a word about the money behind these equity disasters and the person to have benefitted most from his saliva powered colonic irrigations, Frank Giustra. No relation there either, Tommyboy?

PS: Before I forget, congrats on the one Fav and the one RT on your tweet, Tommy. Winning!

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