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Can we say it out loud one time, Clive? Timmins Gold (TMM.to) won’t sign a CA

At the Scotia Capital mining conference yesterday, B2Gold’s (BTO.to) (BTG) Clive Johnson got back on one of his favourite hobby horses and complained about the number of mining companies that flat refuse to sign confidentiality agreements (CA) with him and his crowd. For example, Mineweb’s ace reporter Kip Keen quotes him as saying, “there’s a couple groups … that aren’t doing what they should be as public companies.” when on the subject of CAs.
But as usual The Clive refused to name names and got coy about the moneyline, so here’s where IKN comes in because it’s common industry knowledge (and I mean common, as in ‘passed this desk at least four times’) that there are more than one offender in this, but the company that really put the bug up The Clive’s rear end is Timmins Gold (TMM.to), who plain flat refused any sort of foreplay and in the view of The Clive, doing their shareholders a bad service. 
And hey, if you look at the TMM.to share price action recently, you have to think that The Clive has a point. Just wish he had the guts to say it in public himself, don’t you?

UPDATE: While on the subject, only fair to point you towards Keen’s report of the proceedings, as it has plenty more flavour besides the bit you see above. A most interesting read, particularly on the panel’s view of 43-101.

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