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Canada’s 100 best paid executives, a truly fascinating read

This link takes you to the PDF compiled by the Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives and here’s part of the “top 100” table showing the top 20 best paid execs in Canada in 2011:

And hey wow! Why only have one fatcat when you can have four? Pacific Rubiales (PRE.to) sure knows how to look after itself. Sadly, they continue to refuse to give their workers a fair wage or decent working conditions but on the other hand what’s the point of having uncontrollable greed capitalism if you can’t take advantage of it, right Serafino? But there’s plenty more in this 21 page report, so us 99% guys should take a good look at it all. 
  • Want to know the tax breaks these guys get and why they’re all so keen on picking up large chunks of their remuneration in options? 
  • Want to see how the top salaries stack up against the other ranks (including yours, pawnface reader)? 
  • Want to know where Tye Burt (K.to) (KGC) ranks? Or Charles Jeannes (GG), Peter Marrone (YRI.to) (AUY), Randall Oliphant (NGD) (NGD.to), Aaron Regent (ABX) Sean Boyd (AEM)? Plenty of other mining metals executives to choose from on the list, too.
All there for your perusal, kind lector, so peruse away.

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