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Cananea, a destroyed mine

That’s the title of this report in Mexico’s Kiosco Mayor Noticias of Sonora. Reporter Francisco Rodriguez was invited to the site of the copper mine by its owners Southern Copper (SCCO)/Grupo Mexico to see what sort of state it was in now that the striking miners have been dislodged and police have taken control (according to the report, some 1,000 officers are still on site and guarding the facility). Here’s the opening paragraph of his report translated:

Cananea, a Destroyed Mine

What Kiosco saw yesterday was a destroyed mine, inoperable for at least the next 12 or 14 months. For it to go back into production, around U$114m in investment will be necessary. Reporters from (Sonora) state and from Mexico City were invited yesterday by the company diretcors to Cananea to tour the mine and verify the state of installations after its long period of inactivity. Continues here

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