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Cancer in South American Presidents and a very large tinfoil hat

  • Fernando Lugo of Paraguay is a left wing President in South America. He was recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • Hugo Chávez of Venezuela is a left wing President in South America. He was recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • Lula da Silva of Brazil was until last year a left wing President in South America. He was recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • Dilma Rousseff of Brazil is a left wing President in South America. She went through a bout of cancer recently and is currently in remission.
  • Cristina Fernandez is a left wing President in South America. She was very recently (i.e. it came to light yesterday) diagnosed with cancer.
  • Cristina’s husband, Nestor, was a left wing President in South America and died of a heart attack less than a year before most analysts and commentators in Argentina were confidently predicting his return to the Presidency this year. On his death, Cristina stepped up and was re-elected.

And before we go any further, let’s remember (thanks to a brain-nudge from reader ‘JC’ this morning) that Evita Peron was also a cancer victim, so the similarities between Evita and Cristina just keep on mounting up. So with the scene set, I direct you to this link and below sample the first sentences in the top three paragraphs to set the scene:

Assassinations by induced heart-attack and cancer

“In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light.”

“Can you give a person cancer”

“The answer to the question – Can you give a person cancer – is yes. After nearly 80 years of research and development there is now a way to simulate a real heart attack and to give a healthy person cancer”

And thus ends your humble scribe’s blogerial duty to spread tinfoilhat conspiracy theories and scare the bejeepers out of you by shining the light on ThePowersThatBe and the Bilderberg lizard people (is that right?). The rest is up to you.

UPDATE: Reader ‘JM’ reminds your author that Jack Layton, charismatic head of Canada’s left wing NDP party, died of cancer on August 22nd this year.

UPDATE 2: Thank you to those who have sent in links to today’s story about Chávez suggesting that the US is behind the cancer outbreak in local Presidents. Four things to say:

1) You can stop sending me those links, guys. Fact is I read it in Spanish before you read it in English, ok?
2) It’s true that this post was up before Chávez said his thing. However, this does not mean that Hugo is a regular reader round here. Fun thought, though.
3) Here’s the link to the CNN EngLang version, which is now getting repeated in other places.
4) This is the answer I sent to the first five people who sent me the link. I wrote it to the first one and then just pasted it to the others.

Well yeah, CNN’s note is par for the course for outsiders looking in. Y’know, it might be a little less Pavlovian to reflect that Chavez hasn’t survived as long as he has by being a stupid politico. And perhaps….hey just perhaps….there’s a deeper reason why he says the things he says sometimes (not just this example). Oooh, i dunno, maybe such as keeping his core support intact for a date he has with the ballot box on October 7th. Fact is, he doesn’t care two hoots what foreign chatter or the Venezuelan middle/upper class say about him when he comes out with these things. His mind is on other matters.

Menem, Chavez, Fujimori, Uribe, Clinton. It doesn’t matter what you think of their different brands of politics but they have one thing in common: all political animals. But hey, maybe I’m wrong and Chavez is just an idiot that’s been lucky to stay in power all this time.

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