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Can’t get a fill

A minor personal grumble, made public. As noted on Sunday in IKN246, I’m looking to take a couple of small positions in a couple of juniors this week. The problem is that today, on trying to fish for a reasonable entry point, there’s just no market for these stocks. One has a market maker who’s basically trying to mindfuck me into bidding higher (not gonna happen) and the other is showing tiny quantities on both bid and ask but nothing doing for the amount I want to buy (which is larger in numerical terms, but is still really quite small in absolute dollar terms…it’s modest stuff I’m looking for here, neither of these trades are likely to change the world).
It gets me musing once again on the multiple hurdles and handicaps that small retail investors have as challenges if they want to invest in the smallcap/tinycap Canadian exploreco market. Is it too much to ask of a stock exchange that’s wailing and howling over its losses and the dearth of investor interest in its offerings to make itself a little more user friendly to those, like myself, who’d like to plough a little of their cash into the market? I’m sure it wouldn’t be that difficult to set up a system where all stocks show a bid/ask with a small number of shares on offer that isn’t just for show (the number of times I decide to pay the ask and it suddenly vanishes into thin air as my bid arrives, far too many to count) and would promote a little activity in the smaller stocks (no, I don’t want to buy only the stocks you insist on shepherding me into, you regulatory fuckwits). I know that it’s not too much to ask to remove the assholes rigging this market with phantom asks that drive us little guys crazy and make the mere thought of the next foray into the buying ring way more stressful and less pleasureable than it should be. Oh I could continue to rant here, but the point’s made so no need to say the same thing in several different ways. Now going back to my fishing expedition.

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