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Cantex, Cudney, Irwin and using social media to your advantage

When the big swinging penises of the Canadian mining world decide that fortune just isn’t enough for them and their egos demand fame as well, it’s our job to listen and pick up clues. Take for example last year and the promo on Cantex, in which both Warren Irwin of Rosseau and Robert Cudney of Northfield both got involved financially and, when the first strong drill results started coming in, were both public megaphones of their own book. Twitter, chatrooms, interviews and what-have-you, both these stars of their own personal universes were quick to pump Cantex to the world right up to the point where the wheels started coming off the promo. Later results didn’t match early expectations, deposit size was discovered to be limited, the metal targets somewhat out of fashion anyway and…
…it did what you see in the chart. Not the first time and not the last you’ll see the Canadian exploreco chart like this one, but the difference this humble corner of cyberspace wants to highlight regards those players and not the stock. While Cudney slunk into the background and pretended his Cantex pumpo never happened, Irwin was the first to stand up and say “Well folks, I wore that one” and that, esteemed lector of this humble corner of cyberspace, is what’s most important about following so-called industry stars. They’ll all talk book on the way up because that’s who they are, but you want to pay attention to those unafraid to show themselves for what they are (a successful trader who knows the scene) and not for what they want to be (a Lord of the Universe who never gets em wrong).
Notably, Cudney has gone quiet on Nighthawk recently.

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