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Capstone Mining (CS.to): Guidance 0, Chutzpah 1

This is wonderful. This morning Capstone Mining (CS.to) reported its 4q14 production numbers. Here’s the relevant table from the NR and here’s the NR so go see for yourself. And please go see, to make sure I’m not inventing all this. Because it’s wonderful, y’see.

The first thing: Let’s note that CS.to missed its production guidance targets for 2014. But not only did it miss, but it missed in every single category at all three mines.

The second thing: Let us consider that little footnote (1) at the bottom, which claims that its guidance figures were at +/- 5%. Errr, no. They weren’t. Well, not until today at least and i checked as well. I chekced in the 2013 YE MD&A and I also checked the 1q14 MD&A because Capstone only gave 2014 guidance for two of its three mines in the year-end report, then added guidance for the third a quarter later. Yes for sure you have the guidance table and they’re the same 2014 numbers as above. But no footnote. No plus-or-minus-five-percent leeway. No ifs or buts. In other words YOU’RE MAKING SHIT UP, CAPSTONE.

But the third thing is the best thing. Here’s what CS.to Pres/CEO Darren Pylot (no relation to Pontius) had to say about his company’s results for 2014: “All three of our operating mines were within the range of their production guidance for 2014, and exited the year running at, or very close to, plan“.

Seriously, he said that. “Within the range of their production guidance”. And “Ooooh, y’know we were thaaaaat close!”. What fucking bare-faced fucking chutzpah bullshit is that you stupid fucking excuse for a rotten dead camel’s unwiped asshole CEO? Anyway, let’s see if the market liked Capstone’s results as much as this Pylot did:

Errr…no. It didn’t. Funny that, innit?

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