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Carlos Slim buys 8.4% of YPF corrected

Here’s the SEC filing.

8.4% under his own name, another 8.4% under two indirect holdings.
UPDATE  Ok, my mistake, Slim controls 8.4%, not 16.8% He didn’t buy any directly, but bought through his indirect holding companies. That’s what comes of reading SEC filings too quickly. To be precise, his Inmobilaria Carso company holds 6.997,456 shares (class D) of YPF and his GFI company (Grupo Financiero Inbursa) owns 25,911,050 Class Ds. Meanwhile, twitterpal @cansarnoso knocks a bit of rust out of your humble scribe’s ears and points to the origins of this new holding:

“slim’s ypf shareholding wasn’t bought, it was the collateral pledged for loans to the eske nazis which have now gone sour”

Thanks man.

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