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Carnaval Time!

While you guys up North shiver your way through the end of winter, down this neck of the woods Carnaval period is in full swing. The most famous event is of course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but carnaval is celebrated up and down the region in different forms and guises.

Here are a couple of photos from La Paz, Bolivia yesterday. Both feature a dude named Morales, best known as a cheeky, raffish bachelor boy who has sired children out of wedlock, is currently single and obviously has an eye for the ladies. Some people may also recognize him as the President of Bolivia.

SillyFoam is an integral part of carnavales. This is why the party will never take off in the North.
Thank Greenpeace, not me. By the way, she got the greatest smile or what?
This one has “Caption Competition” written all over it

Which reminds me; this year at Bolivia’s biggest carnaval bash, the Candelaria in Oruro, authorities are distributing 22,000 condoms free of charge to the revellers.

¡Que Viva Carnaval, Carajo!

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