full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing

Carpathian (CPN.to) lays down a marker for 2014 Junior News Release of the Year Award

The truly great NRs from juniors, which set them apart from the mere ridicule-worthy, should have style (i.e. corporate bullshit right to the end) and substance (i.e. plenty of things disclosed that the company would much rather keep away from public eyes). This morning’s from Carpathian Gold (CPN.to) is an excellent example of its genre. Personally, I think the highlight is the way that the CEO’s resignation is first mentioned in paragraph ten, but there are so many jewels in this one that it’s tough to keep up.
I’ll be reading this link several times. Thanks guys, you’ve made my Friday.

UPDATE: Impressively, CPN is only down 22% on the open. This implies there are enough people out there that think this company’s still worth nearly $50m in market cap, which should probably be attributed to the true triumph of human imagination over the planet’s sometimes harsh reality. It’s evolution, baby.

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