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Casey Research frontruns its own clients AGAIN

Really, this is getting beyond a joke and it’s about time that somebody with a bit of real clout like the BCSC investigates this ongoing pattern of lowball behaviour by Casey’s Louis James, Marin Commission Katusa and the band of merry men there.
This time Sunward Resources (SWD.v) is the preferred play. On November 4th, Casey Research recommended the stock to its Tier One (i.e. pay more for advanced info) subscribers. That day, the stock went up 13.8% as seen on this chart.

So the December issue of the more popular (cos it’s cheaper) ‘International Speculator’ comes out and…yes you’ve guessed it..they have a new buy recommendation on Sunward Resources (SWD.v). So far today SWD.v stock is up 5.1%, trading 3X average daily volumes in the first hour. (Update: SWD closed the day up 13.6% on 6X volumes).
Thing is, these whiter-than-white market riggers actually think they can just put a disclaimer in the Intl Speculator that says “Full disclosure: this stock was recommended to Casey’s Investment Alert subscribers on November 4” and then be in the clear. You know what? I’m not so sure about that. I know for a fact what they’re doing is utterly immoral and offering an enormous nudge-and-wink advantage to anyone on the Tier One list that follows the pattern. But it is time that Canadian authorities looked at these unregulated, unaccountable-to-anyone peddlers of unfair advantages.
But hey…Vancouver right? 

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