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Catching up with Alexco Resource Corp (AXU)

Just over a month ago in the post “Congrats Alexco”, this humble corner of cyberspace offered its deserved applause to AXU for its WUL water permit award, that last major permit it required before construction began. In that post we wrote…

“…AXU isn’t just the single best dedicated silver play on the Canadian stock markets (oh yeah, a nautical mile better than SilverCrest at these prices, do the math), but it’s also one of the best run companies I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over the last decade of site visits and company contacts.”

…and that one set off the peanut gallery, all right. The mails, the questioning, the indignant remarks. How dare I disrespect the almighty SILV and King Eric of Fier in such a way! In fact the reason was obvious…
….because we do math at this desk. So instead of just happening to know everything all the time, moron mining Twitterverse, IKN advises you to buy a pocket calculator, turn it on and see if you can make it work as well.

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