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Catching up with Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v)

It’s difficult to deny the visual evidence: These days Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v) has all the hallmarks of a newsletter pay-to-play pump and dump scam:

Now, who could have been behind all this prima facie illicit pumping? Perhaps somebody with close personal relationships to several ex and current officers and directors of the company? Nah, surely not, all the people involved here are innocent lambs and what’s more, I can’t think of the name of a single newsletter writer who’d do such a thing.


    Brent has been married to MRZ for decades, as far back as the Paul Van Eeden days. Time to get a divorce Brent.
    MRZ will bleed you dry and then move on to someone younger and a lot prettier 😉


    I don’t fully agree with that.

    1) At the moment he still has a profit on the average of his positions in this stock (20%).
    2) And was he open and honest about his contacts with management.
    3) Joe has been writing the newsletter for years and I think he is also looking for an exit for this stock, but because there is still enough newsflow coming next year, he will stick to it (I think it is sensible). Brent is as he himself says with a grin: “Senior Advisor”


      Who mentioned Joe Mazumdar? Who mentioned Exploration Insights?

      Not me. If you want to presume, that is your failing.


    4) Mirasol management has had some replacements last couple of years witch didn’t help the stock, to say the least. Stephen Nano was one of them who was let go. I think this was a big reason for Brent to initially buy the stock at the time.

    What is very juicy/remarkable is that after 14 years (founder of) Mirasol, Stephen starts working as an advisor at GBM Resources, and that a little later Brent starts working there as “Independent Director”.


    But the story gets even more surprising, GMB Resources around this time also gets a reco by Exploration Insights and is put on the buy list (I think Joe was quite pissed about this) which provides some liquidity and a higher price (+ 30-40% Which is nice if you have plans to issue new shares (which they did!).

    Although I don’t think it’s really dirty and that Brent is more honest then most, He follows “serially successful people” as Rule always says. But maybe I’m naive..?


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