Take physic, pomp

Catching up with Copper Mountain (CMMC.to)

Called as “A licence to print money” on February 18th during the trading day and on the back of its quarter, Copper Mountain (CMMC.to) is really going to annoy the IKN haters.

I am right again, live with it. And now to top out the celebrations, let me laugh at your inane hate comments, trollboyz. Bring ’em on, poor losers. Give it your best shot, mouthbreathers. Don’t be shy now…


    How’s your silver bear stance going lol
    No wonder nobody subscribes anymore to your toilet paper


    Haha, their ticker used to be CUM. You’re investing in CUM.

    I hope your CUM shot goes well.


    I’m going to be the contrarian (for this site anyway) and say I did pretty well out of Otto’s copper call 👍


    OT Otto. Something to keep your eyes out for- I see a number of companies calling sustaining capital growth capital in order to reduce AISC to look better in the beauty contest I guess. Good call on copper. Some are calling for a pullback when March futures expire.


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