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Catching up with ECU Silver (ECU.to), Bill Murphy and the 2010 half price GATA challenge

Back on February 25th 2009, GATA head honcho Bill Murphy wrote the following words when talking about ECU Silver (ECU.to):

If this stock (ECU.to) is not at $3 US, or CDN, by the end of the year, I will cut the Café’s subscription price in half for 2010, or $100 versus the now $199 … which means I will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if this dog does not hunt … am putting my money and my mouth where my money is.

Here’s the link to those words in a very interesting article by Murphy also includes a jawdropping comment about how Murphy has only ever visited one mine in his life (that of ECU) but still considers himself an expert on things mining. He also calls the work done by ECU.to management “incredible“. This is true, but only in the strict sense of the word. It beggars belief, frankly. And so with just three months or so left before the end of the year, let’s see how close Bill’s dawg is to that hunt:

Hmmmm….I have to say that by the looks of things, GATA Metropole Café subscription will indeed drop to $100 for 2010 and Murphy will indeed lose those hundreds of thousands of dollars he mentioned. A bit of a bummer for Murphy to lose more money on top of the cash that’s evaporated from his 1.75m ECU.to shares held, but at least his loyal clientele get to benefit. But you never know in this crazy game of stockings marketings, so we’ll keep a close eye on things….maybe Bill gets his late win after all! Hope springs eternal and all that…..

But remember GATAites, don’t be backward about claiming your 2010 discount if it doesn’t go Murphy’s way. We all know that he’s a man of his word and will honour his hubri…SORRY! his sincerely held views.

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