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Catching up with Ivan Bebek’s Furry Gold Mines (FURY.to)

Though IKN knew last year there would be hair on this story

…and reco’d avoiding the stock when the team was out marketing….

…not even IKN expected Furry Gold Mines (FURY.to) to be such a dog.

Just the 58% down in 2021, is it? Bad boy! Now…SIT!

PS: Not everyone is as mean as IKN. So c’mon, somebody throw Ivan a bone…


    […] Catching up with Ivan Bebek’s Furry Gold Mines (FURY.to) […]


    Ivan the master penny miner con. Eastmain investors took a 70 % haircut instead of a 135 % gain on the “take-over” with their worthless Furry shares.


      For want of another verb, one has to admire the way Bebek can pivot from Moose pasture to Chinchilla pasture and back to Moose pasture, always with a newco and flip at hand. He understands how to mine Vancouver paper like few others and has the Kinross board of directors under some sort of Jedi mind control. Gets audiences rapt with attention at presentations, too. All you retail need to do is run away from anything attached to his name and you can enjoy him as much as I do, the guy has never cost me a penny 🙂


        Biggest joke was recruiting serial mine builder Mike Timmons away from Agnico Eagle to head the new Furry. Then poor Mike couldn’t keep up with the insistent touting and lying podcasts needed to succeed in the penny game. Did he return to the new AEM-KL ? I don’t think so, he just slivered down even more to a true penny. At least Ivan mentored him well, eh ?


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