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Catching up with New Placer Dome (NGLD.v)

The rip-off merchants realize real work is difficult:

However, even though New Pleasure Dome has crashed and burned in direct style, the moral hazard is still sky-high because this is 2020 and exploration teams do not risk their own livelihoods: Max Sali and Marin Katusa have already cashed out, leaving the idiot bagholders they duped into this stock to ride it down.

Were you stupid enough to believe them? If so, be clear they are now spending your money.


    You make so much sense here . They spent millions in promo to get it up to 90 cents this summer


    Keith Schaefer was also someone who’s newsletter pumped this just before it peaked at .90.


    Guys, I don’t agree. I know Max Sali personally. He hasn’t sold a share and is the hardest working mining guy I know. Millions were NOT spent on promotion. The market has sold down all the juniors in the space. This is one of the only placements done in the last 6 months that is actually up. You’re hating on a guy who eats, lives and breaths this company and he deserves for you all to wait to see what Kinsley and his efforts deliver before you trash him. Shame on you all.


      You don’t know many people in mining. Tell me how far he’d get without his scamster of a father showing him all the tricks, then i’ll really start laughing at you. And welcome.


        Honestly, the more I reflect on it, do you have the first idea how stupid you sound by saying “One of the hardest working people in mining”? It numbs the skull to imagine anyone in Canada fitting that description, let alone a cossetted daddy’s boy in Vancouver who has done a few 90 hour weeks recently.


          See you have no idea. His father passed away 4 years ago and wasn’t even a mining guy. Max works 12 hours a day on this, he hates how the market doesn’t recognize how much work is being done. How about you email me and I give you his number and you call him and vet him yourself. I bet you don’t have the guts to do that as its easier to hide behind a keyboard rather than actually do some journalism.


          Actually the more I think about it, the more it numbs my skull. How stupid am I and many others for following you when you don’t bother to even pick up the phone and call the CEO before you lambaste him online. You are so far from the truth. His father teaching him….


            Sponsoring a pampered lifestyle is not teaching.

            Look, you backed a loser pumped by scamsters. You failed, get over it and learn from the experience (or be ready to fall for the same trick again)

    Listen, I get you’re frustrated with Vancouver mining scams. So am I, believe me I stay away from them, I have learned the hard way. Max is a young guy trying to make a name for himself and honestly works very hard. The industry needs this new young blood. I implore you to pick up the phone and interview him. I know you will be surprised. Maybe you can do a feel good story for once? Maybe your readers would like that?


    And fyi, I feel drinking too many beer with you hearing all the stories would be hilarious. I bet you could write a hell of a book. I’m only weighing in on this one because I know it better than you do. Also I would like a different emoji please 🙂


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