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Chakana Copper (PERU.v): David Kelley finds new ways to insult Peru

Kind reader, this is best explained with an example so imagine the scene: We are in upper BC Canada, perhaps the Golden Triangle region. You are a Canadian born and bred local, rightfully proud of your home patch in the world. After a hard day’s work, you are relaxing in a bar with a cold beer and strike up conversation with David Kelley, sitting next to you.

  • David Kelley: “Hi, I couldn’t help noticing your accent. You’re American, right?”
  • You: “No, I’m Canadian.”
  • David Kelley: “How strange! You have an American accent!”
  • You: “No I don’t, that’s a Canadian accent.”
  • David Kelley: “And you dress like an American, too. Are you sure you’re not from The USA?”
  • You: “……”

How long would it be before you changed barstools? Now check out this link and while you do, consider the latest corporate presentation from Chakana Copper (PERU.v), which CEO David Kelley presented to the world at the recent Beaver Creek conference:

All you need to do is put “Andean girls smiling” into Google Images, and…

Admit it, David, they all look the same to you. Don’t they?

The problem is not just the obvious laziness and ignorance going on at management level at Chakana Copper, it’s the open and obvious cultural insults and the racist overtones that come with them. Nothing says “We do not give a damn about the Ancash region” to a Peruvian like parading a photo of three girls from the Cusco region and pretending they are locals. In the same way you can pick out an accent in about half a second, a Peruvian will see the traditional dresses of the girls in that photo and say “Cuzco”. Those costumes are very region specific and closely tied to local traditions and local history. Be clear, they have nothing at all to do with Ancash, the region where PERU.v operates. Zero percent, it would be like walking around London England and wondering why the people aren’t wearing kilts.

No big deal you say? It’s perfectly normal that you, the FDI outsider, wouldn’t understand the insult being broadcast by Chakana Copper in that photo, the same way it would irk a Canadian to have their accent mis-placed by an arrogant and ignorant outsider while sitting in his home town. You are forgiven, David Kelley is not: He and his team shouldn’t just know better after their years in Peru, but a lot better and there’s no excuse for a photo of Cusqueña girls in a corporate presentation of a company working Ancash. It provides the insight you need on these “local experts” and I guarantee, that photo would have made the Peruvians working at Chakana Copper squirm with embarrassment.

Because they all look the same to David Kelley. Hey David, if you need promotional coverage why not give Bob Jew Hater Moriarty a call, you two will get on like a house on fire.


    Oh my. You are quite the “back slider” ! Every time you bash moriarty as a “jew hater”, you expose yourself as one hateful jew. In many ways, you both are very much alike. But I’m not giving up on you, and this isn’t an “attack”. It’s just a reminder that YOU are responsible for your own disfigurement, as surely as if you took a razor and started cutting yourself. Let go of the hate….give yourself a chance to heal, before you lose it all.


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