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Change we can believe in, you know

Yeah look, Bolivia is…you know… mentioned in today’s White House press briefing. The spooky thing is that it was…you know… an almost positive aspect, too. That’s probably because they caught….you know… acting spokesperson Robert Wood on the hop. You know? Yeah?
Here’s the most vitalest piece of the transcript. Like in the end who cares about Gaza and Guantanamo and stuff? Cos look……they’re not LatAm…….. you know.
MR. WOOD: Yeah. Look, we congratulate the Bolivian people on the referendum. And you know, I don’t think the results are final at this point, but we look forward to working with the Bolivian Government in ways we can to further democracy and, you know, prosperity in the hemisphere.

QUESTION: Did this – and do you have an opinion on whether this referendum furthered democracy in Bolivia?

MR. WOOD: Well, a free, fair, you know, democratic process certainly does contribute positively. What I said was that I wanted to wait until we can see, you know, the final results. But we certainly congratulate the Bolivian people on that referendum.


The final results will be announced February 4th, by the way.

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