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Chariot Resources (CHD.to): A new NOBS report for sale

This is a pitch to try and sell you a copy of a new NOBS report that features Chariot Resources (CHD.to). However, to try and confuse you, we begin by mentioning a different company to the real main event.

I’ve been watching the progress made by Antares Minerals (ANM.v) recently. Today it’s trading at $1.68, and with around 54m shares out that means it has a market cap of C$90m. That’s pretty good. For sure it has cash at bank ($21m at Oct31 ’08) and for sure the recent resource report makes for very prospective reading. It’s in Peru, drilling great copper returns, it’s got smart management, it’s deserving of its success so far. All in all the company is doing well and I wish them good luck and godspeed.

But ANM.v also made reflect just how some stocks become fashionable and how others are somewhat forgotten, even ones in the same sector and in the same country that are much further along in the development track and offer real value. And so I’m writing up a NOBS reprot on Peruvian junior copper play Chariot Resources (CHD.to) that will be delivered to anyone who stumps up the royal booty of ten US dollars between now and the Sunday evening delivery date. It’s the same system as in previous offers, folks. All you need to do is use your PayPal account to send U$10 to…

otto.rock1 (at) gmail.com
….(replacing the (at) with an @) and your copy gets sent in plenty of time before the bell on Monday morning. If you prefer, you can use this U$10 pre-set button below (that takes all the usual credit cards, too). And to make it as straight a deal as possible, once again I declare that I do not own CHD.to and will not buy into it until anyone who orders a copy of the report has their own opportunity to decide on the investment (i.e. I won’t go near the thing until next Wednesday mimino).

Your humble correspondent believes that CHD.to offers good value right now if (and I repeat “if”) you think that copper is looking strong and will stay that way. The point here is the relative value of a market laggard compared to peer stocks grabbing the limelight. If ANM.v isn’t a flash in the pan and the whole sector is about to enjoy a decent rebound, then companies such as CHD.to are the place to look, methinks.

So order your copy of this NOBS report on CHD.to today and be wise about the company for next week. To wrap up, here’s a comparative chart of CHD and ANM to point the way.

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