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Chart of the day…

…tempts a little hubris, but WTH…the dude deserves what’s coming anyway.

You have to wonder how those Scotia clients are feeling after taking Trevor Turnbull’s advice and bailing…and missing a 37% move since their very own sales marked the bottom. I particularly liked the line Trev used in his June 26 Scotia note that (and I quote) “Troy is only expected to be a micro-producer with less than 70,000 oz over the next few years”, when the facts show 50,000 flowing from Andorinhas, 30,000 from Sandstone and the new 60,000 oz (or so) mine at Casposo coming online in September 2010. Maybe Trev meant to write “next few months” and not years.

Trevor: Epic, epic fail. Just shows what happens when your analyst loves his qualifications more than actually doing some work. So Trevor Turnbull MBA MSc, for the obviously pisspoor research you did on Troy Resoures (TRY.to) (TRY.ax) and the amazingly bad timing of your 100% incorrect advice, you win this week’s coveted award. Enjoy, dumbass.

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