Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is…..

…a whole selection of small silver plays, 12 month chart.

I’ve tried to remember as many as I can offhand so the chart does cram them in somewhat (feel free to mail and berate for missing out on this-or-that one). And of all the names, the cream has risen to the top. Yep, Fortuna Silver is 130% up YoY and leads the field. I might have mentioned this stock a couple of times along the way….

The list from biggest winner (FVI.v) down to doggiest loser (the crap pumped by GATA) is:

  1. Fortuna Silver (FVI.)
  2. Impact Silver (IPT.v)
  3. Great Panther (GPR.to)
  4. Endeavour Silver (EDR.to)
  5. First Majestic (FR.to)
  6. The Silver Bullion ETF (SLV) (as proxy for the metal)
  7. MAG silver (MAG.to)
  8. US Silver (USA.v)
  9. ECU Silver (ECU.to)

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