Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is……..

…….Vista Gold (VGZ), three month chart.
You thought things would change in Capital Markets after the wringer it went through this time last year, didn’t you? You thought there’d be no more tricks, no more rip-offs, more accountability, didn’t you? They’re laughing at you.

VGZ and a hundred others like it. Now for sure if you confronted the suits at VGZ with this they’d get all indignant, say it’s nothing to do with them, accuse you of spreading utter lies about them, “pursue vigorously” an action to clear their oh-so-good name and mention that their stock was clearly undervalued anyway. Yeah yeah whatever. Like I say, VGZ and a hundred others like it. In the words of a typical porteño, “No soy botón y no hay boludo escrito en mi frente che….sos un salame“.

The only thing you can do is avoid these operations. Vote with your feet. Refuse to invest in anything that’s part of the problem and not part of the solution. In this sector, good management is worth more than good assets…and is just as rare.

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