Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is….

….Hugo Chávez’s presidential approval ratings, monthly in 2009.

There are many surveys done in Venezuela on this subject, but with yesterday’s Datanalisis survey results for July published it give us a chance to track one single (and reputedly reliable) survey company’s results using the same question and same demographics every time.

We see that in the period January to March, Chávez won support through the constitutional amendment period (when there was no poll taken). No poll taken for April. Then his support dropped back down to what the boss of Datanalisis calls his “traditional support” of between 50% and 54%. This month it’s moved back up to 57.3%. The negative views towards Chávez dropped from 41% in June to 38.8% in July. Presumably the other 13.9% are neutral towards him or offered no opinion.

Thus, if media channels were to reflect the true state of opinion in Venezuela, on average 573 out of every thousand news reports or articles should be supportive of Chávez, 388 should criticize him and 139 should take a neutral stance. Anybody note a slight discrepancy with reality there?

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