Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is….

…sugar futures and the monthly candle lets us see just how high it is right now.

Wowsers. I was reading some dude talking about crude oil and how the Chinese Yuan peg was propping up the prices and how all the supply-and-demanders were dumbasses for not seeing the big trend and I was all “Hey, that’s me you’re talking about and calling dumbass“, and felt kinda miffed that, even if his hypothesis were true, some short-term monetary phenomenon was being mistaken for an economic law (whatever that words means inside economics) and trumping the BIG one…S&D, Adam Smith and the long term true truths of this world.

So this sugar chart with all the noise going around at the moment about crippling supply shortages and suchlike, makes me feel a lot better. I’ll be talking a little about sugar in IKN16 on Sunday and a very interesting investment opportunity I’ve noticed here in LatAm.

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