Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is…..

…the results for the Buenos Aires lower house elections, with 90% of ballots counted.

Nestor Kirchner conceded defeat last night with 87% or so of ballots counted. “We lost by very little”, he said. That might be so, but the defeat was a shock and marks the end of the Kirchner’s governmental rule in Argentina.

As well as watching Kirchner lose out to Francisco de Narváez, we saw the Kirchner’s “FPV” (front for victory) party, part of the wider PJ umbrella, lose absolute control in the lower and upper house.

Winners last night were Carlos Reutemann, who won through in Santa Fe and will now make his run at the top job in 2011. Equally, Veep Julio Cobos (often known by his second name ‘Cleto’) won well in his Mendoza province and will make a run at the top job in 2011. Finally, via De Narváez, Mauricio Macri, Mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, is now in a strong position to make his move.

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